Shower curtain set 4 parts

The shower curtain in 4 parts. The set contains a shower curtain, cover for toilet lid, bathroom mat and contour mat shaped around the toilet seat. The shower curtains are available in several sizes from 120 cm wide to 200 cm high and 180 cm wide to 200 cm high. Shop now at discounted prices with secure shipping!

Shower curtain size: Width x Height
120 cm × 180 cm
150 cm × 180 cm
165 cm × 180 cm
180 cm × 180 cm
180 cm × 200 cm
200 cm × 180 cm

Take a look at our Christmas tablecloths or why not buy nice shower curtains shaped like starfish to give it a little extra in the winter darkness.

The bathroom rugs in these sets are 75cm long and 45cm wide.

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