Shipping Information

Your order is delivered from our partners in China with FedEx & TNT. All orders include free shipping FedEx & TNT Economy Express to ensure that your package arrives at your destination quickly and safely.

We ship to countries within Europe and for other countries we may need to use other shipping than FedEx & TNT. Contact us with any questions and larger orders for both changed shipping and discounted prices on volume.

TNT delivery directly to your door

Together with TNT, all orders are delivered directly to your address. You will receive status updates to both your e-mail and to the specified mobile phone number. It is therefore important that these are correct. Before delivery, TNT contacts the customer and if you are not home at the specified time, TNT will return as soon as possible.

As a customer, it is your responsibility to receive the order. If the customer is not available after repeated attempts, the order will be destroyed by TNT.

Deliver your order to the address you are at during the day. At home or at work? Or maybe to a relative or friend. The important thing is that someone is on site to receive your order.

Delivery time between 8 to 12 days

We distinguish between handling and shipping. The handling usually takes between 1-5 days and depends on whether the products are in stock or whether our team needs to sew a new shower curtain. Remember that larger orders can take an extra day. Fastest handling is usually with size 180cm x 180cm.

When the order is sent, you will receive a tracking ID to track the delivery on the FedEx & TNT website. Shipping usually takes 4-5 days.

Fastest delivery time from purchase to door is currently 5 days. The average is now 8 days but may take longer.

VAT and import declaration fee

Sometimes it happens that TNT sends an invoice approximately two weeks after delivery has been completed. In normal cases, this does not happen as the value of the orders is so low. Send us a message via our contact form with amount. We answer letters within 24-48 hours and will probably also ask for a copy of the invoice afterwards.

NOTE! IF you receive an invoice for import costs and VAT. Contact us and send the invoice. We will refund you the full amount and you will get your money back via Klarna.

If the customer does not receive delivery

Our delivery to the specified address requires that the responsible person is on site and receives the order. If, after repeated contact attempts for several days, TNT Express has failed to deliver the order, it will be returned (or destroyed). This means a penalty of least 80 SEK (€ 9) and probably up to whole the order value. That is, if the customer after repeated attempts to hand over the order is not available, he is responsible for this and may lose the entire right to a refund.

As a customer, it is important to first contact TNT if problems arise with delivery. If you need our help, we will do our best to solve it in the best way for all parties.

NOTE! Keep track of your order via the tracking page we send. There, TNT updates with all necessary information. Choose a delivery address where someone is always at home during the day.

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