Shipping Information

We offer free shipping with FedEx & TNT Economy Express to ensure that your package arrives at your destination quickly and safely.

We ship to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and countries within the EU. Contact us for other countries.

Coronavirus and major delays

Due to covid-19 / coronavirus, there are global delays right now. We try to “upgrade” our deliveries by switching to safer shipping companies. To reduce our customers' waiting times.

Right now there are about twice as long delivery times. Probably around 15 days.

We apologize and hope for understanding.

Shipping under normal circumstances

The handling takes between 1-3 days depending on whether the product is in stock or if our team needs to make a new one. Also remember that bigger orders even they take some day extra.

When the order is sent you will receive a tracking ID to follow the delivery on the FedEx & TNT website.

Your order will be delivered to your door 7 days later.

Your purchase comes from China with FexEx & TNT. We pay all import costs and as a customer you pay the VAT. This will send FedEx & TNT to you after they have delivered the order to your door.

So you as a customer pay the VAT.

We are now negotiating with FedEx & TNT so that we can handle that part in the future as well.

Swedish rules for orders made before March 27th

All orders placed before March 27 are still delivered via PostNord.

We previously used PostNord but have replaced them for something much better. In Sweden, all customers had to pay an extra SEK 75 in handling costs to PostNord before they had to retrieve their package. Thankfully, our customers don't have to worry about this anymore. We do not pay that cost when using FexEx & TNT.

Shipping is still free but now much faster.

When PostNord has finally handled the delivery, it sends out an avi to be paid. It contains their handling cost of SEK 75 + Swedish VAT.

Our delivery guarantee (closed 27/3)

Our delivery guarantee means that we always pay back 50% of the order cost if the shipping takes more than 30 days. reserves the right to decide what includes 30 days. This is because the freight involves many parts and that PostNord also has to take its responsibility with the final delivery to a mailbox or postal representative.

It is the customer's responsibility to check and contact to see if the delivery guarantee applies. In some individual cases this can be done automatically, but unfortunately PostNord's tracking system 100% is not accurate and most checks must be done manually.

PostNord's Import page - from another country

PostNord's page for payment of VAT + import cost

PostNord's package tracking page

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